Posted 10 November 2019
Actors and directors - please read the details here
if you'd like to apply for the November Page to Stage!!

Posted 2 November 2019

So the writers' deadline has passed. We have an amazing

selection of scripts to go through! Thank you to everyone

who submitted a script. Every writer - whether or not their

script is one of the final four - will hear from me. And once

the four chosen writers have confirmed they can attend the

event, I'll post the script breakdowns as part of the call-out

for directors and actors. Exciting!


Posted 20 October 2019

Hooray - it's Page to Stage time again!
To make sure it runs smoothly, there's a simple system of

stages to be followed. (Please don't email before the relevant

post has gone out with its submission details.)

WRITERS: The call-out for writers is now live and attached here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

DIRECTORS AND ACTORS: A call-out will be posted once four

scripts have been chosen.